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       Announcement 2/22

Hi PalmIngenieurs, why not be  an accredited P.Eng?


Further to our post in “Ask our Members” on the topic “Why are there so few Professional Engineers amongst Palm Oil Mill Engineers?”.  I am excited and delighted to express my sincere thank  to Ir. Prabakaran for his post in our Case Study - Journey Towards Becoming A Professional Engineer - confirming and showing the pathway for PalmIngenieurs to attain and be accredited the P.Eng with the title of Ir. This could be exciting to many of us as contrary to most of our knowledge that PalmIngenieurs needs to work in a Consultancy job to qualify for the accreditation. 


Mr. Praba started his career in Palm Oil Mill as a graduate PalmIngenieurs and moved on to Oil and Gas later. He is currently a P.Eng of Malaysia and a Chartered Engineer.


I hope for those graduate PalmIngenieurs who are serious and keen in pursuing their career recognition and advancement to take this opportunity to interact and share your doubts and seek further clarifications from Ir. Prabakaran.


For those PalmIngenieurs who wish to strive to be accredited as P.Eng, I wish them ALL THE BEST IN THEIR JOURNEY and we will be proud to see more Ir. PalmIngenieurs in the near future.

An inspiring comment from Kelwin Thomas :
"Big thanks to the team that created this Forum, these are quality materials and experiences provided for free. Love it, keep inspiring!"

Another inspiring comment from Kelvin Member's Arena - What our Members Say..
"Thank you for making this Forum happen, usually I have to spent a lot of time researching. But with forum, I can get direct answer of my question plus extra knowledge. In this forum, its not 1+1=2, it can be 10 or more, you get more than what you ask!"


Meet The Team

Wee You Liang

Looking forward to sharing my experience in Palm Oil Milling since 1974 with all in the industry or anyone who cares to listen.


Lee Tiang Hock

This community could make us better in our profession.


Tan Ching Seong

Paying forward of my knowledge and experiences to the next generation of Palm Oil Mill Engineers. 

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