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FFB Quality Vs OER- what is their relationship?

What is the difference between FFB Quality and Oil Extraction Rate, OER? FFB Quality is assessment of the state of FFB been harvested and delivered at the point of reception ramp of a palm oil Mill whereas Oil Extraction Rate, OER is the practical extractable content of oil in the FFB. The better the FFB Quality the higher will be the OER. FFB Quality is generally to a great extent determined by the field management such as fertiliser programme, harvesting standards and method of delivery etc while OER is primarily determined by FFB Quality but there are other factors such as age of palm, types of clone, soil condition, weather and seasonal conditions etc affecting the actual final OER.

For Plantation Agency, a qualitative control of FFB quality may be suffice to optimise their own Mill OER but there are substantial quantity of FFB produced by especially Smallholders and Small Private Estates without their own mills sell their produce to Private Millers. As better quality FFB shall be paid a higher price, a standard FFB Grading method must be in place for the FAIR transaction of their FFB between the Seller and the Buyer.

As it is physically not feasible to actual measurement of Oil Content in any load or consigment of FFB, MPOB after years of market study of industry practices, finally compiled their MPOB FFB Grading Manual in 1995 for the adoption of the industry. The term for the measurement of this FFB Quality based on their manual is known as Graded Oil Extraction Rate, GOER.

The industry was urged to implement and adopt this standard in their FFB Transaction.

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