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Pokémon GO APK (arm64) - Compatible Devices and Requirements

Within a given architecture type there are multiple versions. armeabi-v7a is the older target, for 32 bit arm cpus, almost all arm devices support this target. arm64-v8a is the more recent 64 bit target (similar to the 32-bit -> 64 bit transition in desktop computers). I think most new devices are 64 bit, but not sure. arm64-v8a devices can run code compiled against armeabi-v7a, it's backwards compatible.

pokemon go apk arm64

As of later this year, the Play store will require you to upload an arm64-v8a APK as the minimum, because this gives the best support for newer devices. You will also be able to upload other APKs to support other device types.

To be clear, these are not instruction sets. They are ABIs, which compile into instruction sets. Most devices today are arm64-v8a, the really cheap devices are armeabi-v7a to save cost, and almost none are x86 or x86_64.

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