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Kernel Dispatch Disputes

Our kernel buyer wanted to impose penalty for high shell content in our kernel dispatched to them.

Our own analysis of the sample taken at the mill during loading showed all parameters were within specifications.

And our analysis of all the process control samples taken prior to the dispatch date showed all are within specifications. I have the following issues with the kernel buyer:

1. The sampling method and procedure at the Kernel Crusher is not according to MPOB method.

2. I have asked the buyer to provide us with the results of the samples taken for all loads, regardless of whether they are making a claim or not, to check against our own results. This is to check discrepancies and consistency in the errors between their results and ours. They refused.

3. They are penalizing for off specifications based on every load. This is not fair. Say we dispatched 4 loads. 3 loads gave shell content of 3% and the 4th load contains 8% shell. Based on this, the average shell in the contract amount is only 4.25%, still within specifications. But the buyer keeps quiet on the 3 loads but penalizes on the last load.

Do you face similar disputes? Any suggestions on how to deal with this issues.

Thank you for your respond.

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