A Better Way to Sterilize FFB

In our first Case Study posted on the site, we dealt with the necessity of balancing the Fuel/Steam/Power requirements of the mill to ensure smooth operation. Another posting under “Ask Your Members’ had dealt with how to check if the three components are in balance in a palm oil mill.

In this Case Study, we will discuss how to manage the process steam from the BPR to ensure maximum and constant steam flow rate at the load required to run the mill, maintain boiler and turbine stability, ensure good sterilization, and maintain stable milling operation. We will compare and contrast the sterilization as practice in many mills with the Constant Back Pressure Sterilization (CBPS) method. And give instructions on how to implement CBPS method in any palm oil mill.

Please refer to the attachment for more ....

Steam Management & Constant BP Sterilization in POM - A Case Study
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