Get more information from your Mill Laboratory Data

Updated: Mar 2

The Palm Oil Mill Laboratory

(How to get more information from your laboratory data.)


The typical Palm Oil Mill Laboratory is a treasure trove of information. Yet Mill Managers are not using it effectively to monitor and control milling processes and the performance of plant and machinery. This could be due to the format in which the data is stored. Mill should change the storage of data from the mill laboratory from paper-based media into a database in a PC. Instead of recording on paper, storing the data in Excel or other similar software will make for easy data retrieval and analysis. Software like POMLab can be used for this purpose.

The data are already available. Managers may not look at it every day but in case of problems, the data can be retrieved for closer analysis and justification for rectification and or upgrading work. Even if mills are not ready to use SPC to analyze the data, they can at least retrieve data quickly to do whatever they are doing now.

Read the attached file and watch the video for more ....

The Palm Oil Mill Laboratory POMLab
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