Power, Steam and Fuel Balance & Steam Management in POM

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

For smooth operation of any Palm Oil Mills, the capacity of the mill shall decide the selection of the boiler and turbine. The capacity of the mill will determine the quantity of biomass (mesocarp fiber, shell and empty bunch fiber) available as fuel to fire the boiler. The selection of the turbine shall be based on the power requirement of the mill and the steam available from the boiler. The three components must be in equilibrium to ensure smooth operation of the mill. Mills that are planning for capacity extension or going into downstream activities should take the power, steam and fuel balance into consideration.

This Case Study details the issues and problems that manifest in a palm oil mill that had failed to consider the power, steam and fuel balance in the operation of the mill.

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Power Steam and Fuel Balance in POM - A Case Study
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