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Kelvin Lukman
Nov 30, 2021
In General Discussion
According to your experience, what is the most effective tools or ways to extract oil losses in the cooling pond? as if we rely on human resources, in the end it wont be effective. I ask fellow acquaintances and they ask me to learn about rhodos ( or maybe rodos, I dont know how to spell it correctly😅) Thank you
Kelvin Lukman
Nov 19, 2021
In General Discussion
Hi, Im Kelvin From Indonesia, I have a Question regarding POME. do you know any way to get rid of scum on anaerobic pond? because in my case, im focusing on the bacteria growth, but the scum is uncontrollable. its getting thicker. i think its almost 50cm at the moment. I have tried using submersible pump and spray directly into the scum but the result is insignificant.

Kelvin Lukman

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